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L e   P e t i t   N a n t a i s

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“F R A P A S”

   A T   L E   P E T I T   N A N T A I S


F R E N C H   T A P A S   O R   S H A R I N G   P L A T E S


Mediterranean prawns sautéed in Garlic Butter


Sautéed Potatoes with Onions and Lardons


Pan Fried Saucisson “a l’ail” with Garlic and Shallots


Traditional Fillet Steak Tartare


Sourdough Garlic Bread with melted Emmental


 Goats Cheese with Sicilian Tomatoes and Croutons drizzled with Olive Oil


Mussels pan fried provencal


3 Fresh Fines de Claires Oysters with Shallot vinegar and Tabasco


Snails pan fried in Garlic Butter white wine and cream


Smooth Duck liver and Montbezzilac pate  with freshly cut baguette


Saucisson Sec with Cornichons


Crayfish Cocktail


Roquefort, Walnuts and Mixed Leaves


Homemade burger with tomato and Emmental



A L L   P L A T E S   £4.95


Available Wednesday to Sunday Lunchtime only

Call us on 020 89792309 or 07796266006

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